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Purchase page for 8relay-7000 Special Remote CIR2A2-7000
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8 Relay 10amp DC remote control board with 12 to 24 volts DC power input

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US and Canada Order online Here Shipping not included. Fedex Or UPS number required. $250.00 each    
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Tel: 516-364-9803
Available semi-industrial remote control. CIR2a2 8 to 10 key

This remote control is available for special order for the control of all our relay products.

It can also be order in a high output version for long distance control.

The 8 keys are available as shown with number 1 to 6 and one green and one gray key.

It is also available with all black or all gray keys. This way you can print on the label what you need.

The Cir2A2 style remote control have a battery door that screws on with the palm of you hand which keep the batteries from falling out if the remote control is dropped.

Note** Only sold to companies in the US and Canada

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Order the CIR2a2-7000 Standard remote here for $50.00 ea or the CIR2a2-HP-7000 long range version for $65.00 each
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  • Palm size, one hand operation
  • Several ir transmission protocols available
  • Long battery life
  • Engraved or silk screened label
  • Pressure sensitive overlay or reverse engraved for low quantity applications
  • Off the shelf with Many IR protocols including NEC, RC5, IR101
  • Unique no spill battery door perfect for commercial applications
  • Battery type: 2x AAA
  • Key switch type: discrete mini switches with custom key caps, Rubber key caps
  • Many key gram froce available.
  • also avilable with a soft silent key feature
  • Key colors: Black, gray, blue with other optional color available with special orders.
  • Size : 3.4"H x 3"W x .635"D
  • Transmission distance : 25 to 40 feet
  • Now available in super long distan
Tel: 516-364-9803    

Unique "No-spill" battery door

keep the batteries in place if this remote is dropped. Battery cover screws on with the palm of your hand and will not unscrew until you remove it. Perfect for shop or factory floor applications

Fax: 516-364-9807    

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Order Water-Proof case here $35.00 each