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Hobbyist Corner Project #2 Nokia 770 Memory upgrade

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Project #2 Nokia 770 Memory card Upgrade.

Project Scope: Make a converter board that will enable the Nokia 770 to used larger memory cards made from Micro SDHC cards. This would extend the memory that the N770 can use to 8GB which is what is now available in Micro SDHC flash card. 16GB cards are on the way. This project will increase the usability of the N770 by allowing more files to be saved, such as MP3 and Movie files.


Nokia 770 with 8GB memory card installed    
Nokia N770
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memory screen

memory details  
8GB memory screen on 770 Memory usage for the 8GB memory card  
  770 and memory


  In the Photo to the left is the  
  Nokia 770 with a 8GB card  
  installed, a 4GB card at the  
  bottom right which is the same  
size as the RSMMC card at
  the Bottom Left.  
With the conversion card you can use any Micro SD card to make memory that will fit in the Nokia 770 without any modification to the MMC slot. The memory card available are up to 8GB now with 16GB on the way.

We will be selling 4GB and 8GB card for anyone who wish to purchase them here soon
The first memory cards will be 8GB and will be available at my ebay page on 03/25/2008
They are also be available directly from this page. I decided to make it a complete product that already have
a 8GB SanDisk Micro SDHC card installed. The converted 8GB SDHC RSMMC cards will sell for $50.00 each.

Use the "Buy Now " Button to purchase

$35.00 each plus shipping directly from this site with a credit card or Paypal . Be sure to select shipping

You do not need to have a paypal account if you want to use a credit card. We do not ship to all countries. Send email to check if we ship to your country. We ship normally to UK, Germany, Canada, US and many others

Contact me at the email below if you are interested and let me know if you are interested

You Must flash the kernel to enable support for the SDHC card support. Do not purchase is this can not be done

I have written a how-to Flash the SDHC kernel for dummies like I was when I started this project. I am testing the card and this How-To on the Nokia 770 with OS2007HE and OS2006 . I also tried it on OS2008HE and it worked. How To flash SDHC Support available here

Custom 8GB SDHC RSMMC Size
The card is made for the 770 only and the full size SD card adapter will not work on it
memory card closeup
Card shown on the Nokia 770